H.dessault Duo 5 mm

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H.dessault Duo 5 mm
399,00 €

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H.dessault Duo 5 mm


Inner: open cell 
Ouside: smooth neoprene + Jersey yokes 
Assembly: edge to edge gluing 
Stitching : Overcasting two wires, stitchings dont get across side to side, then dont allow any water leak. 
Stiffener : Chest reinforced 

Two neoprenes in one suit.
The most worn parts of the jacket are made out with the Xtend flexible neoprene: between the shoulder blades, under the arms, sides panels, behind the head and in the back of the neck. Assured comfort and flexibility.
With the success of the jacket model, new pants models were drawn on the same principle. The interior of the legs (from the crotch to ankles) is made in a very flexible neoprene to easy the donning. Smooth-outside neoprene for thermal comfort.
The suit, with a full open cell interior, is the perfect compromise between warmth and comfort.

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399,00 €



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