Mares Eos 12 RZ Flashlight

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Mares Eos 12 RZ Flashlight

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-Adjustable focus.
-Integrated rechargeable battery.
-Cable USB charging.
-LED Charging indicator.
-Wide Light beam.
-On magnetic; four options: on, low, flash, off.
-Use With one hand.
-Tubular -Empuñadura.
-Adjustable wrist str
-1200 lumens


Excellent power, extended burn-time - Adjustable focus - Rechargeable - Wide light beam There have never been so many functions in a single torch! The EOS 12RZ features three high-power LEDs generating an outstanding 1200 lumens of light intensity. The innovative adjustment system makes it possible to modify the beam of light as needed. Alternate from a very broad beam to a tighter focus beam. The magnetic switch offers four options, ON, LOW, FLASH and OFF, for the utmost versatility and reliability. Thanks to a USB cable and the LED charge indicator, the torch can be charged using a plug or computer. The tubular grip allows for easy use with one hand and when wearing gloves. MAGNETIC SWITCH: The external magnetic switch protects the light from flooding. High reliability ensured by the complete absence of o-ring. ADJUSTABLE FOCUS: The focus can be adjusted during the dive by a simple rotation. It allows for a change in the light beam between 12° and 75°. IN-HOUSE RECHARGEABLE BATTERY: Rechargeable batteries are standard. The system allows recharging without removing the batteries from the flashlight.

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