Salvi Delta One Foot Pocket (Pair)

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Salvi Delta One Foot Pocket (Pair)
62,00 €

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62,00 €



The ΔOne foot-pocket is the result of extensive research both in and out of the water. Using an innovative system that combines layers of rubber with textile material in a special composite structure. The end result is an exceptional product that is both powerful in the water o move the energy from your foot to the fin while not interfering with the strength of the blade itself. 22° angle for optimized thrand very comfortable to use.

It fits very comfortably while maintaining perfect strength thanks to the exclusive Kevlar Power Band crossing the top of the foot. Coupled with the reinforced sole of the pocket, the ΔOne provides the ultimate amount of power transfer to the blades. With flexible tendons, the pocket is built tough.
Available sizes :  47/49


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