Beuchat Guardian

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Beuchat Guardian

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Beuchat Guardian

The Guardian Spearfishing Board facilitates arrival at the fishing site, transports equipment, water, food, catch, stores the necessary paperwork and holds your mobile phone and GPS.




  • 19-litre detachable compartment positioned at the front
  • Detachable storage pocket positioned above the compartment
  • Multipleattachment points (20 plastic and 2 stainless steel)
  • Mooringline attachment.
  • Inflatable cushion at the rear for efficient finning
  • Finsbeneath each float provide stability.
  • Double-layered Floats manufactured in 500 denier, double-coated red PVC, measuring 0.85mmthick.
  • 1.2m diveflag that comes in two parts for easy storage
  • Two carrystraps enable the board to be transported on your back or with another person.
  • Weight:4.5kg
  • Dimensions: 68 x 116cm

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