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Professional duffel bag made of very sturdy PVC HD++ 1000 D ideal for water sports (scuba diving, apnea, snorkeling, surf, kite, sailing) and more. Two bags in one (1 dry and 1 mesh bag)! Sturdy, padded, removable carpet, designed to protect feet on rough surfaces while dressing and undressing. Designed to contain tools and or wet objects to dry without the risk of wetting others.

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Extra Features
  • Užtikrinta kokybė
  • Saugūs mokėjimo metodai
  • Siunčiame į visą pasaulį
  • 14 dienų pinigų grąžinimo garantija.
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  • Volume: 135 lt. (Dry bag); 40 lt. (Mesh-Bag).
  • Elliptical section with fat bottomed.
  • Side Quick proof closure system, with triple safety block (High lock).
  • Large opening for the storage of big size objects.
  • Volume reduction system for Mesh-Bag.
  • External big pocket with zip.
  • 2 practical Mesh pockets with velcro lock.
  • Sturdy carpet padded and removable (70×50 cm).
  • Provision to convert in to a backpack.
  • 2 sturdy side PVC handles.
  • Top carry handles with locking velcro for comfortable transportation.
  • – Bottom strap reinforcement for the transportation of heavy objects.
  • Padded, adjustable and removable shoulder strap.v

Optionals SR-03: Padded, adjustable and Removable shoulder straps with Perspiring-Mesh system and adjustable chest strap.



Svoris 4 kg
Išmatavimai 0,4 × 0,4 cm



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