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Strength through unity: this lies at the basis of the new WAHOO Dark and WAHOO Fog. In these fins, the joint use of several concepts of the C4’s achieve results that plastic materials normally cannot achieve. As always, the real discriminating factor is not the materials but the use made of them, therefore the project in its entirety.


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The WAHOO Dark and WAHOO Fog derive from the successful Mustang project, using the same concepts of use of strength and hydrodynamic as well as less sought-after materials.
The blades of the Wahoo measure 800 x 190 mm, the inclination of the blades is 25° + 3° of pre-forming of the anatomical shoe = 28° of real foot-blade inclination.
Two levels of hardness are available: WAHOO Dark with a black blade (average hardness) and WAHOO Fog with a grey blade (soft hardness).


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