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Mares Plana Avanti 4 POWER


These fins feature a closed and anatomical foot pocket, designed to provide a secure and comfortable fit. To enhance performance, the fins are equipped with soft longitudinal rubber inserts. These inserts enable controlled deformation of the blade while kicking, allowing for optimized power and efficiency in the water. The fin itself has a soft composition, making it well-suited for both freediving and scuba diving activities. It offers good buoyancy, making it suitable for diving in currents where maintaining control is crucial.

The anatomically shaped and soft foot pocket of the Avanti Quattro Power diving fins enables them to be worn comfortably without the need for soft socks. This enhances convenience and ensures a streamlined fit.

The main features of the Avanti Quattro Power fins are:

• Anatomical foot pocket for a secure and comfortable fit
• Rubber-covered side ribs for improved performance and durability
• Four channels designed to increase thrust during propulsion
• Long blade, ideal for both scuba diving and freediving

For care and maintenance, carefully read the instructions that come in the packaging to properly maintain the product.

Blade length (from end of foot pocket to end of blade):
040 – 17.3 in
042 – 17.9 in
044 – 17.9 in

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Product No: 410301


The Avanti Quattro Power diving fins are an excellent choice for divers, snorkelers, or freedivers seeking exceptional power, comfort, and speed in their underwater activities.
Featuring rubber-coated side ribs, the Avanti Quattro Power diving fins offer enhanced performance and durability. The fins are equipped with a long and soft blade, making them particularly suitable for freediving.

Svoris 2 kg
Išmatavimai 0,4 × 0,2 cm


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