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SCORPENA Marseille type adjustable belt


It would seem that such a simple item of equipment as a cargo strap – that it can be tricky, and why so many of the models presented on the market, or even in our collection? But for all its seeming simplicity, every detail is very important for the safety or convenience of the dive underwater hunter.
Here and in the cargo strap Scorpena C uses a number of subtle but significant improvements:

  • Used special tires with improved elasticity – for fine compensation crimping Wetsuits increasing immersion depth; 
  • Matt surface reduces corrugated belt blikoobrazovanie and increases its adhesion to the loads, which impedes their free movement on the belt during a dive; 
  • Marseille type buckle frame and a central rod made of solid stainless steel alloy rod, instead of the tube; 
  • The front part of the frame is provided with a buckle of laminated (a continuous) sleeve – for easy sliding of the free end of the belt at zastogivanii, rasstogivanii reset or emergency; 
  • Center pin has a specially processed working end, chamfered at a certain angle – for even more rapid emergency dump; 
  • A step of holes in a rubber belt is reduced to 40 mm – for a more accurate fitting of FIG.

All this suggests that Scorpena strap is not inferior and even superior in many respects the best examples of famous foreign companies producing equipment for spearfishing!


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