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ZEAGLE Rapid Diver rezort


– 25lb lift capacity
– Power inflator & LP hose
– 20 cu ft aluminum cylinder (black or silver)
– Zeagle RaZor valve/regulator with 44″ hose
– Submersible pressure gauge
– Remote shoulder dump
– Front mount tank straps for 6,13,20 & 27 cu ft capacity cylinders
– Adjustable load-bearing back pad
– Adjustable crotch strap

It’s intended to be used in scenarios that require rapid underwater deployment. The setup does not have an alternate reg or depth gauge…and the tank is only 20 cu ft compared to the standard 80 cu ft aluminum tank. But I find myself really wanting one of these for some reason, even for quick recreational diving. It would be cool to keep this in my truck all the time, just in case I find a water hole I want to dive into.


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Extra Features
  • Užtikrinta kokybė
  • Saugūs mokėjimo metodai
  • Siunčiame į visą pasaulį
  • 14 dienų pinigų grąžinimo garantija.

First-Response and Military customers asked us to produce a complete Diving System that provided all the necessary elements for breathing and buoyancy control in a compact, quick and easy-to-don package. That became the Tactical-Rapid-Diver™. Zeagle Dealers were so impressed, they requested a consumer version. The result is the Rapid-Diver™ BC.

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